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Custom Knife Making 
Custom Knife Making 
Its not just a tool, its a statement.
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    Hunting & Fishing
    Looking for that reliable knife that will not let you down at the moment that you most need it? From hunting, fishing & camping we can custom make it to your specs.
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    From the professional chef to the weekend BBQ Pit Master. We will custom make the knife that will suit your needs.
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    Dreaming of owning a piece of art, or a conversation piece ? From Historical replicas, unique piece of art to movie props, let us in your imagination and see what comes out of it.
The Process 
Using the art of stock removal, we can create a custom template and cut it out of high quality 01 tool steel. Grinding to shape and heat treating it, will give you a life lasting knife 
The steel 
We only use the best available 01 tool steel, its property makes it one of the best steel used for knife making. 
We take pride in our work
"That is why each of our knives comes with its own certificate."