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Custom Knife Making 

Our Past Creations 

Our only boundry is your imagination
  1. Drop point Hunter
    Drop point Hunter
    sold $ 180.00 Snake wood scales Leather sheath scout style
  2. Buscraft
    Sold $ 120.00 Blood Wood scales Leather sheath with Ferro rod holder
  3. Tombstone Knife Custom Original
    Tombstone Knife Custom Original
    Sold $ 350.00 Ziricote wood scales Drop down leather leg sheath
  4. Boning Knife Custom original
    Boning Knife Custom original
    Sold $ 120.00 Maple burl Scales Spine rope filling
  5. Slicing knife
    Slicing knife
    Sold $100.00 Ziricote Scales & Brass bolster
  6. Fillet Knife
    Fillet Knife
    Sold 120.00 Blood wood scales brass bolster Leather sheath
  7. Kitchen Cleaver
    Kitchen Cleaver
    Sold $140.00 Burned Oak handle with rope filling on spine antique finish
  8. Bowie Knife Custom Original
    Bowie Knife Custom Original
    Sold $1200.00 Full blade engraving with brass hand guard & end bolster carved zebra wood handle